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9 strategies for reducing weeds

When it comes to maintaining a weed-free garden, I’ve tried it all. Through trial and error, I’ve honed in on nine strategies that have significantly reduced the number of weeds encroaching on my vegetative oasis.

First, I start with the soil. Before planting anything, I turn the soil over and pick out any weeds by hand. It’s labor-intensive, but this disrupts weed seedlings from taking root.

Next is mulching, my most relied upon tactic. I lay a thick layer of organic mulch around my plants which not only retains moisture but smothers potential weeds. It’s important to keep it away from the base of plants to prevent rot.

Landscape fabric has been a worthwhile investment for me. I use it in areas with a lot of weed traffic. It’s a permeable barrier that lets water and nutrients in but keeps weed seeds out. I cut holes only where I need to plant and it works wonders.

Prevention is better than reaction, which is why I’m mindful of the seeds I bring into my garden. I only purchase quality seeds and plants, as they often carry fewer weed seeds.

Regular maintenance such as hoeing and cultivating the soil is a routine I stick to. I lightly hoe around my plants to disrupt any young weeds before they get too comfortable.

Healthy plants mean less room for weeds. I ensure that my plants have the space they need to spread without competition. Closer plant spacing leaves less room for weeds to establish.

I use corn gluten meal in my lawn as a pre-emergent weed control on areas where I don’t plan to plant anything else. It suppresses weed germination and is organic.

Watering is another critical area where I focus efforts on the roots of my plants, not the open areas between that could foster weed growth.

When weeds do show up, I pull them out immediately, roots and all. For perennial weeds, I dig deeper to ensure the root system is completely removed.

These strategies have not eradicated weeds from my garden entirely, but they have drastically reduced the time and effort I spend on dealing with them, leaving me more time to enjoy the more pleasurable aspects of gardening.

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