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Let’s Play Ride And Seek

I’m currently nestled among the redwoods of the Northern California coast, a serene spot that’s both my temporary backyard and a slice of nature’s grandeur.

My home and travel companion is a converted Mercedes Sprinter van. It’s my cocoon of freedom, a compact dwelling that has everything I need while fitting snugly into a standard parking spot.

Regarding specs, my rig is a testament to my commitment to this lifestyle. My DIY campervan electrical system includes a solar panel setup atop the roof, charging a bank of deep-cycle batteries, ensuring I have power even when I’m off-the-grid. It’s a setup that took me quite a few YouTube tutorials and some hands-on trial and error to perfect.

In the kitchen, I’ve equipped my van with a propane stove that slides out for those alfresco dining experiences. I’ve got a mini fridge to keep my perishables fresh, and compact storage to house a modest but functional assortment of pots, pans, and utensils.

For lighting, I opted for LED strips which offer efficient and adjustable lighting. Ventilation’s crucial in such a small space, so I installed a roof fan that’s been a game-changer in maintaining airflow and preventing condensation.

Other tech in my van includes a Wi-Fi booster to keep me connected for work and entertainment, a small water filtration system for clean drinking water, and a compact, portable heater for the chillier nights.

Did I build the interior myself? Absolutely. It was a labor of love involving many weekends, some friends’ helping hands, and a steep learning curve.

I dwell in it full-time. The decision morphed from weekend getaways to an embrace of full-time van life.

I chose this lifestyle for the ultimate freedom it awards. It allows me to explore, to be spontaneous, and to live with a simplicity that’s both challenging and profoundly fulfilling.

My favorite part is the simplicity and proximity to nature. It’s about discovering the uncharted, both geographically and within myself. There’s a certain peace in carrying your life with you and the minimalist living that necessitates.

So far, my favorite locations have included the majestic Grand Tetons for their awe-inspiring hikes, the under-the-radar hot springs of New Mexico, and the Oregon coastline with its rugged, untamed beauty.

In my free time, I’m an outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, mountain biking, and photography consume my days, while evenings are for reading, experimenting with van-cooked meals, or sharing stories with fellow travelers.

There’s a rhythm to this lifestyle, a series of routines and surprises that coexist beautifully. Every new destination is a blank page in my personal narrative, every day an opportunity to seek and ride.

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