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What Size Solar Generator Do I Need?

As someone who’s embraced the van life, tailoring a solar generator to fit my needs took a bit of math and field testing. Here’s my journey through figuring out the right solar setup.

First things first, I had to list my electricity needs:

  1. LED Lighting inside my van
  2. Laptop charging for work and entertainment
  3. Smartphone charging
  4. Portable fridge to keep my groceries fresh
  5. Water pump for my sink
  6. Ventilation fan for air circulation
  7. Portable heater for chilly nights
  8. Coffee maker for my morning brew
  9. Radio for tunes and updates
  10. Drone battery charging, for capturing the views
  11. A handheld vacuum cleaner
  12. Camera battery charging, to keep my photography passion fueled

With all of that gear, I sat down with pen and paper to calculate my average daily electricity consumption. I gauged the wattage of each device, estimated the hours I’d use them daily, and then added it all up. After some calculations, I settled on the need for approximately 2000Wh per day to lead a comfortable, connected life on the road.

As for my requirements while choosing a generator:

  1. Silence is golden: I didn’t want something whirring and whining throughout the night, as uninterrupted sleep is crucial.
  2. Portability: Inside a van, every inch of space is precious. The generator had to be compact enough to move around easily.
  3. Ease of Use: I’m pretty tech-savvy but didn’t want to fiddle with complicated settings every time I needed power.
  4. Multi-charging capabilities: With an array of gadgets, I needed various output ports.
  5. Durability: Life on the road can be tough; the generator had to be resilient.

After researching, I landed on the BLUETTI generator. Let me tell you, it was a game-changer for my expeditions. With its high power capacity and silent operation, coupled with the rugged build and multiple ports, it met all my checkboxes.

And how has the BLUETTI shaped my van life? No more midnight sounds except the crickets outside, for one. The quiet operation is peaceful. My gadgets are all charged up by sunset, thanks to this powerhouse. With its portability, I manage to find the perfect spot for it daily without it feeling like a puzzle piece I can’t place. And rugged? This little beast has taken a beating more than once and still performs like a champ!

The van life, powered by the right solar generator, is all about simplicity and balance. Ensuring you have the power to sustain that life comfortably allows for a smoother and more enriched experience on the open road. With my trusty BLUETTI, I’ve found a slice of home, wherever I park it.

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